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February 24--Here it comes

I am at midweek and my stress level is rising. I can feel it. Imagine the low stress point of your week being the time you are sitting in the dentist's chair.

I have some big assignments due this weekend, and I have to start getting ready to go to Boise in few weeks to present my problem. I'm not worried about the problem, really. I'm fretting about what to wear. I have an old suit, but it is old. I just don't dress up for anything. I loved working in the hospital for all those years because I never had to think about what I would wear. They don't make clothes for my body shape, so everything always looks ill-fitting. And unless it is jeans and a t-shirt, I always feel uncomfortable. Ok, I will figure it out.


When I came into the classroom to lecture this morning, one of the students had left a delicious piece of cake for me next to my coffee cup. I thought that was kind of nice. I took their class picture after lecture today, so maybe they were thanking me in advance.
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