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February 26--cling

My issue from yesterday seems to be somewhat resolved. I wrote an email to the faculty and let them know I wasn't part of whatever was going on. I ran into my colleague in the hall this morning and politely asked her to not include my name in her emails, as I prefer to manage my own business. She agreed and walked off. So that's that for the moment. Our cohort has a teleconference tomorrow so maybe it will come up then, and maybe it won't.


Back in May of 2004 my first wife bought a big roll of plastic wrap. She had the habit of dating things, a habit she inherited from her father, who continues to date things. Plastic wrap, toothpaste, etc.

I asked her about it once, and she said it was so she could see how long it lasted. She passed away six months after she dated this roll. I always thought it was strange that the roll of plastic wrap that she dated outlasted her. I was both sad and relieved when it finally ran out in January of 2006, a little more than 10 years ago.


I continue to date the plastic wrap, just because.

The other stuff in the picture is kind of interesting. That wooden thing on the right is my meat tenderizer. It used to be some sort of pounding tool that went with my grandfather's wood print press, which is in the garage. I've had the same coffee grinder for about 18 years. The coffee is new.

The jug with the flower designs was given to me as a going away present by the guy who owned the bar next to my barracks in Germany, the Gasthaus Zum Edelweiss. His name was Harkie, and he was a great guy. Always looking out for the young guys of the hospital squadron. The jug was filled with some sort of flower liquor, which he served me on both my first and last nights in Bitburg. A tradition, apparently.

That jug is 38 years old.
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