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February 27--Turtles all the way down

I was up fairly early to look at my assignments that are due this weekend, and to participate in a phone chat with my fellow students. We talked about the assignments and about our upcoming trip to the Boise State Campus in a little more than a week. We talked about what we will be wearing and what we should eat while we are there.

I worked on homework for a while before Malida and I went out to walk along the creek. It has been partly cloudy and in the mid 60s, but no rain on the horizon. There were lots of people out walking this morning on the creek trail. One of the best things about this trail is that everyone says hi to each other. It is a friendly spot. There's even a guy who reads novels while he walks, but looks up and smiles when he passes by anyone.


The turtles love the weather, and they were out in force today. There must have been dozens in this one spot. I count 36 in the picture. The turtles are another favorite thing about the creek.

After walking we went to our favorite noodle place for some noodles. Whenever we come in, the woman who serves us asks us if we are going to have the same thing we always have. We almost always say we are not sure, but then end up ordering the same thing we always have. She laughs as she takes our order. I guess that means we are regulars.


When I was a kid, I used to stop on the way home from school at the little diner near our house and get a corn dog. I remember the day I walked in and the cook just started making it before I ordered. I never went back after that. I was embarrassed that I was no longer anonymous and invisible. I had issues when I was a kid.

Now it pleases me when someone remembers me. Mostly.
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