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February 28--Bonus points if you catch the Pink Floyd reference

I spent a big part of the day writing an assignment that was due this evening. I did sleep in thought, and got a good 8 hour's worth. The fit band thing I wear on my wrist tells me at least 4 of those hours were deep sleep, and that I got up around 3 am to pee. I like studying my sleep patterns. More than I like studying my exercise habits, though I do manage to get my minimum steps in pretty much every day. If I am lacking at the end of the day, I have a 150-step circuit through the rooms of the house that I can do, which I just did.

mook sleeping

Sometimes Mook wanders back and forth across my desk and keyboard, irritating me, and sometimes she just settles down in a good spot and stays there for a while and keep see company. If I scratch her head a few times she starts purring, and it relaxes me. Chock tends to stay out of sight most of the day, either in a sunny spot or near an open window. She shows up when it is time to eat.

I broke up my writing time by making breakfast for Malida, doing a couple loads of laundry, and steam-mopping the kitchen and bathrooms. In the afternoon we took a nice walk in the park, and then shopped for some stuff to eat.


I was kind of surprised to see the leaves coming out on the trees, but it does feel like spring. Everything is green (and submarine). We are still in the midst of a drought state, but the rains have refreshed things. We might get a little more rain this week, and hopefully some more during the early spring. It would be nice if the reservoirs filled up.

Up early tomorrow to go in and write test questions before coming home and tackling the next paper. Sigh.
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