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First thing--I slept like a baby last night. :)

Today was test day for the students. We test over in one of the computer labs in the business building because the allied health computer lab is tiny and doesn't have enough computers. I run the tests now, and I like doing it. This is my chance to figure out the names of the students who aren't in my clinical group as they turn in their scratch paper with their name on it. Some end up standing out anyway, but some of them remain somewhat anonymous throughout the semester. It takes me a while to remember names.

pencil sharpener

The pencil sharpener in the computer lab. I guess it was having an identity crisis.

After the test I wandered over to the librarian to talk to the archivist. She is way op on the third floor, all the way in the back. She has a room filled with stuff from the old days--old pictures, an old nursing uniform, old yearbooks, etc... The doors into this room are the entry doors from the old library, which was still standing when I was a student here. I loved that library. It was dark wood and brick, with high windows and huge wooden bookcases. They tore it down because it was way to small to accommodate everything the library, or learning resource center is now.

I went to talk to the archivist about the time capsules we will be opening next year for the college centennial. I have been appointed the time capsule team leader, which I think is way cool. I love that kind of stuff. I asked the archivist to be on the team, since she will likely be the one who ends up with the stuff in the three capsules we will be opening. We were speculating on what is inside of them, and what shape it will be in when we open them. Time will tell.

We will also be planting a new time capsule, so we are talking a little about what to put in it. I think it will end up being some sort of school contest. No matter what anyone else decides, I'm slipping a photograph of Mook in. I've already decided that as the time capsule team leader.

time capsule

What would you put in a time capsule that would describe the times we live in?
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