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March 6--Cats in repose, etc...

cats in repose

The cats in their usual morning configuration, lying in the vicinity of my feet, waiting for me to get up and give them crunchies. If I fail to wake up in time, they will come up to my face and stare at me until I wake up.

I got up fairly early for a Sunday (which pleased the cats) because I had a lot to do today, as I am leaving for Boise early tomorrow morning. I am both excited and anxious about this trip. While I am confident in my project, my social anxiety is kicking in, and I keep thinking I am going to forget to bring something essential. The adult in me reassures that it will all be fine, while the kid in me wants to hide in the closet. The adult generally has the edge.

I managed to finish the stuff I needed to do for work by about 11, and then we went out for a walk and some soup. Although it rained most of the night, the day was lovely.

park clouds 2

The clouds were the precursor to the next storm that came in this evening. Ahh rain! It was a lovely walk, and we had the park almost to ourselves.

We came home and I continued to work on all the things I needed to do while Malida ironed my shirts for me. I wash the clothes and she irons. It is a nice arrangement.

korea bbq

We had an early dinner of tabletop Korea bbq, which was delicious. We bought the meat yesterday at the giant Korea Plaza market about a half hour from where we live. The place is huge--about the size of three grocery stores, and it has everything you could imagine, both Asian and Eastern European, as well as fresh-made tortillas. Covering all the bases, I guess.

Finally , we received word late this afternoon that one of our friends in Thailand, Saiyud, passed away today after a long face-off with breast cancer. She had a salon across the street from the guest house that Malida's cousin ran, and I met her the first time I stayed there, and saw her often whenever we were there.

When I first met her, were walking past her shop on the way to the taxi boat stop and she came out to find out who I was. I have to describe her as zany, in the best possible interpretation of that description. I remember having a picture with her, which I can't find. She was full of life.

Last year she came to Germany to stay with Malida's other cousin for a while, and we learned how sick she really was, so her death was not a surprise. Our Facebook pages are filled with people who knew her and are grieving her loss. I only met her a few times and interacted with her on Facebook, but she was a lovely soul. I cried a bit when I saw that she had died. I will never forget her lovely smile. She kept it all the way to the end.

photo credit: Tiwa Jantorn
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