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March 8--Done, but just beginning

I slept great last night--a full 8 hours. When I looked at my fitness band data to see how well I slept, over half was deep sleep. Probably the best sleep I have gotten in months. That's presentation anxiety for you.

I presented first this morning. As I was waiting, the administrative assistant for the DNP program came up and told me that she saw some TED talk that said if you stood with your hands on your hips like Superman for a few minutes before you present, you do a lot better. So I did, and she started laughing.

If I have learned anything this week so far, it is that the DNP faculty have a great sense of humor. They are mostly very laid back and continually stress that they want us to be successful. It relaxed most of us considerably. One of the faculty was assigned to be my project advisor. She's not really the laid back type, which is ok, because I think the not-laid-back-type is what I need.

My presentation went well. I was able to say everything I needed to say in the allotted time without referring to my notes. I really do know what I am talking about.

About halfway through, I tossed in some random statistics I remembered from a project I did for my master's degree that had to do with the prevalence of diabetes among the Hmong communities in California and Michigan, just to illustrate a point. It will come in handy eventually I think, because as they were talking about implementation this afternoon, I decided that the population I was planning to study isn't going to work. I am going to have to pick a new population.


In the afternoon we got a tour of the campus. Lots of red brick buildings and bronco statues scattered around. One of my fellow students, from the north of Idaho tells me that up there, they call this place the "My Little Pony School."

The campus is bordered on one side by the Boise River, and there is a walking bath that stretches for miles up and down the river's edge. It is a pretty spot.


When I was in the Air Force, and stationed about an hour south of here, we would come up to Boise periodically to shake off the small town blues. We would wander around for a while, go the the Black Angus and have a good dinner, and then head back to the pit of hell we were stationed in. I've always had a fondness for Boise.
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