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March 9--Bye to the big B

The rest of our group had presentations this morning, and we had face-to-face class this afternoon, which was cool. One of the things about online learning is you don't have much chance to interact directly with the instructor and your peers.

The instructors laid out where we go from here. We have a lot to accomplish with our projects in the next six weeks, before the summer semester starts, and then it is even more to accomplish. We will go straight through until the end of July, then have a 4 week break.

We met with the instructors individually to receive feedback on our presentations and the directions our projects need to go. My feedback was positive, and reinforced where I felt I was, and where the gaps are.

After class most of us went out to an Irish pub and had dinner and drinks. It was good to get to know them better, and I think most of us bonded. I think we feel like we are in this together, and want to see each other succeed. I like that.

I fly home tomorrow afternoon after meeting an old LJ friend for lunch. I wish I had been able to take Friday off, but I have to do a simulation with the students first thing in the morning. I can sleep in Saturday.

big b
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