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March 11--The day I didn't have the energy to post

I got up early to go to work for an all day classroom/simulation exercise with the students. The topic was advanced life support and what to do if someone goes into cardiac arrest. I enjoy the topic, and know it well, so it was a good (though long) day.

After I let the class out I sat down to talk with the program director about some concerns I have. She was aware of my issues. She's retiring soon, and I don't really expect her to do much about it, and told her so. I simply asked that she share my concerns with the incoming director, whoever that may be. She said she wanted to leave a clean slate, and would address them, so we will see.

It was rainy for most of the day, which was ok with me. My weather app just beeped an urban flood warning for this afternoon, although it is fairly sunny at the moment. I better get my walk in before the next storm rolls in. I am taking the day off from studying or doing anything that requires any thought, other than the laundry, which is already half done.

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