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March 12--rain come down

As promised, I didn't do too much today. I did start the laundry, but didn't fold it yet. That can wait until tomorrow. I talked with one of my fellow doctoral students on the phone for a while. Her son was kind enough to proofread one of my papers and make some welcome suggestions. Her was there to see her presentation this week, and I got to meet him.

I went out walking by the creek before the rain started. My app told me I had at least 50 minutes, but I only really had 30, but I was on my way back by then. The creek is as full as I have seen it. Maybe even more full than the last time I said that a month or so ago. Good to see.

I did some shopping. I like grocery shopping, but more during the week when the aisles aren't so full. I bought a pork roast to cook tomorrow with some apples and potatoes. It will rain all day, so will be a good day to cook. I might even make some bread.

This evening I met my friends in Second Life and we played music for each other and talked. I played an hour's worth of music I found on the NPR Tiny Desk Concert site. I love the Tiny Desk Concerts.

I've already set the clocks forward. I am surprised by how few clocks we have. I used to love setting the clock forward when I worked nights. We would get paid for the full shift, but work an hour less. Of course we paid for it in the fall when we had to work an extra hour. Now it only means that it will be an hour later when I decide to get up.

I have the window open so I can feel the breeze and hear the rain gently falling.

creek rise
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