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March 14--Feels like spring

After a number of days of rain and wind, today felt like spring. It was somewhat cloudy, but the sun was out, and the temperature rose to the high 60s. It felt good.

I spent the morning at work, writing test questions and meeting with my colleagues. We don't have any students on Monday, so it is great day for me to get things done. I usually get there early, make some coffee, and turn up the music. I generally have the office to myself until my colleagues come in at around 10. After that I participate in our team meeting until it is over, and get out of there.

I came home and had a nice nap where I dreamed of a bunch of brothers who all looked the same. Both cats napped with me. After the nap I got up and started on my assignment which was due this evening. I had a draft already completed before I left last week, so it wasn't too difficult to get back into it.

About halfway through I found myself making frequent trips to the kitchen to snack on whatever. It's a bad habit. I recognized it today, and decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood instead. It was the perfect day for a walk.


I always associate spring with the appearance of kids playing baseball, and today was no exception.

I walked down to the entrance to our neighborhood, which is about a mile from my house. Most of it is a long street with trees on both sides. We are fortunate that there is only one way into the neighborhood. Very few people just randomly drive through, which keep the crime down.

village trees

A bunch of trees on one side of the road died during the drought. They were watered, but the eucalyptus trees on the other side of the wall apparently were better at capturing the water. Our neighborhood just recently voted on an assessment to fix the landscaping and put a walking path around the small park. I am in favor of it and hope it passes.

I came home and did chores, then dove back into my paper and finished it a little while ago. I feel good about it. One of the insights I had while in Boise, when listening to the graduating class presenting their final project, was that they didn't just complete their projects, they owned them.
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