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March 16--Follow the light

Today was test day. Everybody did pretty well. I only had 15 questions on the test, which less than normal, but most of my content is still to be taught. Next week is spring break and then I will really dive in. I'm looking forward to spring break. I'll have to do a lot of stuff for my project, but I will have the time to do it. No sitting on the beach, or whatever people do.

After work I went to the bank to send money to Thailand for my mother-in-law. I do it every other month. Up until this visit, there was a woman at the bank who would be able to set up an international wire transfer for me in about 10 minutes. She had it down. Last time I was there, she told me she was getting ready to quit, and that I should budget a little extra time next time I came in.

This time it took 3 tellers 55 minutes to do it. None of them had done it before, and had to call a bunch of people to walk them through it. The good thing is that they eventually figured it out. I had put an hour on the parking meter, and when I got back to my car, there were 2 minutes left. One of them called me later this afternoon telling me that they went through the whole thing again, and wrote it down step by step, so all of them will be able to do it the next time I come in. I appreciate their sincere efforts.


Ten years ago I was taking pictures of spoons.
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