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March 17--Long walk to nowhere

My students only have three clinical shifts left before the start their preceptorships. Tomorrow, then two days the week after spring break next week. They are all performing pretty much independently with their supervising RNs, and rarely call me for anything now. That's the way I like it. Once I know they are safe, I back off and let them learn how to be nurses. I know what they are doing--I read their documentation and ask them questions, but they are almost done, and need some breathing room to figure it out.

At the beginning of the semester I walk a lot, from unit to unit, watching them do things. But by this point in the semester it can get kind of boring for me. There is no office for nursing instructors, so I have to find spots to hang out in. I read a lot, and I walk a lot, but not from unit to unit. I walk around the outside of the hospital. The weather was spectacular today--in the low 70s. I logged close to 6 miles just wandering around the hospital and grounds.


This little park sits at the edge of the hospital campus. It is a nice spot to chill for a while. I like that the hospital has some outdoor places for people to sit. There is a great outdoor area between the two main buildings.

vines flower

Some viney flower thing. I don't think it is bougainvillea, but not sure what it is. I bet someone knows.
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