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March 24--The Bluebird of Happiness revisited

When I was a liturgical coordinator, these three days used to be the busiest in the year for me. The Triduum. As much as I loved being part of all that back then, I don't miss it at all now. I do like the readings in my old prayer book for these days though, and will pull them out and read them on Saturday.

We went out for a walk this morning and then had Korea bbq for lunch. We were supposed to go down to the Bay Area to see my dad this afternoon, but he is having an MRI and wanted to reschedule. He had a brain bleed about 10 years ago, and is fine now, but the doctor wants to make sure there are no more leaks. He is 87 years old and pretty healthy. He started smoking again recently, and I told him that at this point, it probably doesn't matter much whether he smokes or not.

I remember taking care of an old lady in the ICU once. She was in her mid 80s. I don't remember what she was there for, but it was nothing life-threatening. She liked a shot of whiskey before bed, and the doctor ordered it for her, so we kept a pint locked up in the narcotic drawer for her.

bluebird of happiness

A photograph from ten years ago, on a rainy day. A small glass bluebird that was given to my first wife by Sr. Paulina, who was the director of the deacon program. When I posted this back then, a lot of people liked it. Not sure why it stood out. Maybe because back then I was posting stuff like paper cups in a windowsill. I loved that I would photograph anything back then, just to see how it came out. I could walk two miles down the street and come back with 100 pictures.

I still have that bluebird, but not sure where it is. It sat above the fireplace for a long time, but I put it somewhere when we painted last year, and haven't seen it since. It's in Malida's office as part of her collection of small things. She has claimed it as her own. :)
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