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March 27--Easter in the hood

Happy Easter to all of you who mark this feast!

I marked it by getting up and doing some readings for the season while my bread baked. It was a lovely peaceful morning.


The bread turned out even better than last time, and the addition of roasted garlic and rosemary really made it special. We enjoyed some of it with our lamb this evening. It is so easy to make. Mix stuff up, wait 12 hours, knead for about 15 seconds, wait some more, then bake. Cooking in the dutch oven gives it a crispy crust, but it is soft on the inside, just like me. lol

We went for a walk along the creek this morning. Lots of people out there enjoying the gorgeous day. One great thing about this suburban creek trail is that almost everyone you come across is fairly friendly and says "hi"-I like that. I like being part of a community.

I brought my long lens so I could get some closer shots of the local wildlife.


As with most sunny days,the turtles were out in force. They love sitting on branches in the sun. Get too close, though, and they disappear like a flash into the muddy water.


This egret was about two feet from the turtles, watching them intently. Not sure if he was contemplating who was faster, or just looking at them for fun like me.

I spent the afternoon cooking, and we had a nice easter dinner. Now getting stuff ready to go back to work after a week off.
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