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March 28--Not bad for a monday

I started the morning a bit stressed by the beginning of the week and the thought of everything I need to accomplish within it. Having a week off was a mixed blessing. I liked being off, but I had hoped to get more done while I was off. The other side of the coin is I actually got quite a bit done during the week off, but also chose not to spend every day working on work and school stuff.

(Feel free to skip over this paragraph) Our lecture schedule changed this semester because I had to take a week off to go to Boise, and one of my colleagues needs two weeks of to attend her daughter's graduation back east. As a result, my lectures, which are generally spaced throughout the semester are all bunched up over the next month and a half. I have been working hard to update my lectures to the new textbook, which is dense and unwieldy.

(This one too)Plus, I have to talk with my advisor this week about my doctoral project, which is kind of stalled. I know what I need to do, but need to generate the necessary steam to do it. I will, I'm sure, but I will fret about it first and ask myself why I am doing this.

(Ok you can pick up here). It was kind of a cool day, with some storms threatening in the west. I was sitting with the cats after I got home and there was a big gust of wind that lasted a few minutes and rattled everything, then it was calm again. I did homework for a few hours then went over to the park for a walk. I'm kind of pleased with myself for going out for a walk mid-assignment, because it is easier to wander out to the kitchen and snack on stuff that I shouldn't be eating than it is to walk, but I am starting to develop the walking habit again and it relaxes me.

It was close to dusk, and there were some dramatic clouds in the west. My weather app assured me there would be rain in the next hour, but it never materialized. I came home and finished my assignment. I am now relaxing, listening to some music, and reflecting that the day was pretty good overall, and the week will be manageable, if not enjoyable. I love being in the classroom with the students. And so it goes.

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