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March 30--A sprig of rosemary on the desk

I finished my lectures for this week early, and some extra time today to do some case studies. Generally my case studies cover content I have already covered, but I threw some new stuff in--stuff I will cover next week. It went really well, and I was surprised at how I could easily figure out what they already know and don't know. I think I will do this more often next semester. The students seemed to really be into it, and a few of them came up afterward to thank me for the good lectures. wow!

I had a phone conference with my doctoral advisor this afternoon about the issues she saw with my project. It was actually very helpful, and she is really supportive, although she did say that she would apply pressure if she thought I wasn't progressing fast enough. We both laughed about that. We are both former ICU nurses, and thrive on pressure.

I had a good dream last night that I was back working in the hospital, and being oriented to a new unit. It was a huge room with a lot of beds, but also a lot of interesting flower arrangements. I took some pictures to post here, but since they were dream pictures, I can't actually post them. I do have a non-dream picture of a sprig of rosemary that I played around with today while I was lecturing. In my dream, I got in a nice nap in the middle of the shift, and woke this morning feeling refreshed.


My students and I have two more clinical days together, then they are on their own for the rest of the semester. I will be happy to not have to wake up at 5 am on Thursdays and Fridays until August.
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