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March 31--The last day of March!

Time is passing by.

I spent a good part of my hospital day meeting with my students and their soon-to-be preceptors. It's a big project to get it all set up. There is a lot of requirements from the board of nursing, requirements from the school, and requirements from the hospital. I have to find a preceptor for each student and make sure they meet all the requirements, and then make sure they will actually be around during the time the student needs to complete their hours. Over the years I have gotten pretty good at putting it all together. I have a system and a plan, and an orange binder to keep track of it all.


The orange binder is the key. I have an entire organizational system within. Schedules, checklists, contracts, phone numbers--it's all in there. I chose orange because I have a habit of setting things down and then not being able to find them. Orange never gets lost.

Once my students start preceptorships, after tomorrow, I will no longer be directly supervising them. They are paired up with a nurse who acts in my place. Before I cut them loose, though, I make sure they know what they are doing. This group is golden.

I'll have to go in still, but just to check up and make sure everything is ok. It means I am there for a few hours every weekend, which is when they get most of their hours in, but it is a nice trade-off for not having to get up at 5 am on Thursdays and Fridays.

Tomorrow is our last clinical day together. I will let them off a little early, and then take them out for lunch. I am taking them to a Mexican place on the river. It is perfect for large groups and the food is pretty good. I have done that with every class since I started teaching almost 10 years ago. Except for one class some years ago that was particularly whiny and liked to complain a lot. I was done with them.
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