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April 3--Pancakes and plants

Our original plan was to get up early and go to the downtown farmer's market to get some fresh stuff. We both woke up at 7 am and said, "lets go!", but when I got back from peeing, Malida said, "lets just sleep in," and I concurred. So we did. We got up about 9 and had coffee and made an alternate plan.

The alternate plan involved going out for a traditional breakfast of pancakes, etc., rather than our usual Sunday breakfast of either pho or Korea bbq. Neither of us could remember the last time we had pancakes. We went to the diner near our house and had some delicious pancakes, etc.

After breakfast we went to the new nursery. It opened a year ago, but it was new to us. We didn't plant anything last year because of the drought. Malida wanted some thai basil and a tomato plant. We ended up buying all sorts of stuff, because plants are good. We have plans down the line to formally redo our back yard, but it will likely have to wait until next year due to limited resources.

Because of all the assignments I have due, I had limited time to garden, so I mostly dug holes and left the rest to Malida. She was happy to be out in the sun, and it was a lovely day.


The original plan for the day included me making a nice dinner from the stuff we were going to buy at the farmer's market. The pancakes filled us up and kept us filled up, and we didn't miss the nice dinner at all. We took a walk in the early evening and got some shrimp tacos, which were just enough.

I received a text from my tax guy this afternoon. He was able to be creative and decreased what we thought we were going to have to pay by about 25%. That's why I love him.

I finished my assignment at 8:30 this evening. I have a plan for how I will deal with the rest of the week, and it is doable. I feel much less stressed out.

This afternoon I noticed that our first iris of the season has bloomed. It is lovely.

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