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April 7--Tonkatsu

This was the first Thursday in a while that I didn't have to be at the hospital at 6 am. I woke up early anyway, and made coffee, but reminded myself that I didn't have to be up, and went back to bed until 8. I went to the office and was the only one there, so got all sorts of stuff done.I worked until about 2, then headed for home. I tried to take a nap but had to take a couple of calls from students about this and that, so I abandoned the effort.

I got up and made tonkatsu. It is kind of like Japanese schnitzel. One time a Japanese friend took me to a Japanese restaurant and encouraged me to try it. The main difference is that they use panko, and when I had it in the restaurant, it was served in broth. At our local Japanese restaurant, they serve it with rice and shredded cabbage. Make the rice potatoes, and pickle the cabbage and you'll have schnitzel.

Anyway, I made tonkatsu with rice and shredded cabbage. Malida busted out some shrimp and cooked them tonkatsu style, and we had a nice dinner. Our food preferences don't always align, but we have found some tasty middle ground.


NPR is streaming some great music this week. New albums by Sturgill Simpson and Sam Beam & Jessica Hoop, and a live acoustic concert by Wilco at the Mountain Stage. I listened to the two albums with some online friends earlier this evening, and am now listening to the Wilco with one of the cats. All good.
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