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April 9--Into the mystic

It was kind of rainy here today, which always makes for a nice day in my book. I got up after Malida left for work and had a phone conference with the other doctoral students in my cohort. We have started doing this every Saturday morning. The nursing program has a conference line that they let us use.

We generally talk about our upcoming assignments and what we are thinking about. Our assignments are generally due on Sunday and Monday nights. We don't get a lot of direction, so it is good to talk it out. Today we talked about the assignments a bit, but spent most of the time just talking about our lives and what is going on in them. I've been in other online classes where you never really know who else is in the group, but this class is different. We will be together for 3 years.

Not everyone participates in the Saturday morning conference. Some people are too busy, and one person has pretty much withdrawn into herself because she doesn't like the program, and wants everyone else to not like it too. It's too bad.

I had to go to the hospital for a while to check up on my students who are doing their preceptorships. They are all doing fine, and seemed happy to see me. The nurses precepting them seemed happy too. I tend to enjoy a good reputation among the nursing staff as a supportive teacher. I was lucky to have a supportive teacher as a role model.

After seeing the students I drove over to a park in the neighborhood and took a nice long walk in the drizzly weather. I captured a bunch of portals in the park then watched some people play bocce ball. There is a great bocce ball court at one end of the park.

There was a Greek restaurant nearby so I went over and had a delicious gyro. I hadn't been there for a while--it is not one of my regular places. The people are very friendly, though, and the food is good. I remembered that the first time I went there was on a date with a pharmacist, almost 11 years ago. We had gone to a Greek festival, but the food was almost gone, and we weren't satiated. I went out with her 4 times, and then I think she got back together with her husband. She was the last person I dated before I got serious with Malida.

I walked again in the late afternoon at the local park. It was still a bit drizzly, but not enough to prevent being out. There was a group of kids all dressed up for prom taking pictures, and then a giant limo came by and took them away. I hope they have fun.

I ran into some angry geese. Most of the geese just move out of the way if I walk by, but these guys make a big deal out of it and start hissing and being aggressive. So I walked around them. I don't need no trouble.

angry geese
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