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April 10--The day before monday

It was kind of a nice day. We woke up at about 8 and had coffee in bed while the cats snuggled with us. I brought the lappy in and updated Malida's resume and then helped her apply for a different job. The first words she said as she arrived home from work last night was "I need a new job!" Fortunately one our friends had called me earlier in the day to ask me to tell Malida that her infusion clinic was hiring, so that's what she applied for. It would be good if she got it--a lot more money for the same hours, and much better benefits. We shall see.

We eventually got up and went for Korea BBQ. It rained the night before, and we inspected our yard before we left. Everything seems to love the alternating rainy and sunny days.

sluggy and the iris

Sluggy admires the iris. I got Sluggy in Sonoma years ago. He and his siblings were sitting out in front of a funky little art gallery on a side street. He has lost both of his tentacles over the years, but I glued one back on. I actually know someone who has a face like this in real life.

In the afternoon we napped a little, and then I went over to the park to walk. I put in close to 5 miles, which is good. I used to walk at least 5 miles every day, and I am slowly working my way back up to that.


I ran across a group of photographers on a meet-up. I had seen the meet-up notice last week. It was mostly beginning photographers. They were taking pictures of everything. It was cool to watch them for a few minutes. I spoke to a couple of them and told them, "Take your camera everywhere, and take pictures of everything". I am thinking about joining the group--it looked like a lot of fun. I remember going out with groups when I was first starting out--it was cool to compare what we saw, and how each person interpreted the environment.

Back to work tomorrow. I was supposed to have a meeting with the group I am asking for assistance with on my doctoral project in the afternoon, but they asked if we could change it to later in the week. Works for me.
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