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April 13--It's just a bean!

I walked 7 miles today. It was a great day for walking around. Temperatures in the low 70s. I made level 6 in Ingress.

I had to work too, but that was in the morning. One cloud on the day is that I have lost my office and classroom keys. I think they are here at home somewhere, but I have looked high and low. Too heavy for Mook to have carried off, I think.

I am putting the final touches on my updated kidney lectures coming up in two weeks. The new textbook is crap, but there is a suggested book that is great, and I am taking a bunch of stuff from that. Unfortunately most of the students don't have it, because it is suggested, so my slides have to cover what I like.

I'm not sure how renal failure became my favorite lecture. I inwardly groaned when it was assigned to me. When I was in school taking physiology, I missed two weeks when my grandpa was dying. That was the two weeks they explained how the kidneys worked, so I have always felt at a disadvantage.

When I was an ICU nurse, I worked with renal failure patients all the time. Acute kidney injury is a common complication of being critically ill. I adjusted fluids and electrolytes accordingly, and watched the labs to gauge if the kidneys were going to come back or not. But I didn't really understand it.

Now that I have taught it for the past three years, I am starting to figure it out, and each time I learn a little more. This go-round has been great, because I have done so much reading and evaluation of the material. Anyway, it is the lecture I most look forward to. Plus, it is my last lecture of the semester, so that might have something to do with it.


Some nice flowers to go with the kidney lecture post.
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