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April 14--the new woman in the office across the hall from mine

Today was a fairly easy work day. I went to the office for a while and finished up work on my lectures and some division paperwork I needed to turn in. The air conditioning system in our building is shot, and since they are tearing down the building in less than a year, there is no point in fixing it. So they have a portable "chiller" hooked up to the existing system. It doesn't reach my office. It was a nice day so I opened the window and turned on the little fan.

My office keys. Malida came home last night and I told her about the lost keys. She sat on the couch, and there they were, under a pillow. On my way out the door yesterday, I noticed her laptop was sitting on the coffee table, and I decided to put it away. We have a kid in our neighborhood who is 15, and has started to turn to the dark side. I saw him coming out of a neighbor's back yard the other day, and don't want him in my backyard, looking in my window and being tempted by anything he sees, so I put the laptop away. I had my keys in my hand at the time and set them down on the couch, and then forgot that I did that. So now I have them again.

After my office stuff I went to the hospital to check up on my students. They are all doing well, and most of them will be done soon. There are about 34 days left in the semester, and I am ready to be done too.


I stopped on the way home and bought a dungeness crab for Malida. Our crab season has been delayed by some sort of algae in the costal waters, but it's all good now, so they say. The seafood guy was more than happy to pose with the crab so I could post it here.

I had a bit of the crab, but mostly stuck to the delicious salad I got from the same store. Part of my whole be healthier thing is to eat less in the evening. And walk more.

I got in 16,000 steps today. My feet hurt, but it is good. Malida walked with me for a while today, then went home and I walked for a while, then walked home.

the american flag mural

The American flag mural on the way home from the park. It is the portal that is closest to my house. When my nieces were little, I took their picture here. That was about 12 years ago.

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