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April 17--two walks and 22 pages

I had a pretty long paper to write today, so I decided to get up early and go for a short walk, thinking I might not get one in later. It was a lovely morning, very sunny, and promising to be warm. I walked to the park, around it twice, and back home. It was a bit longer than I was expecting, but felt good and helped me clear my head.


The paper, though long, was not all new writing. It is a synthesis of all the stuff we have written in this course over the semester. So it was a lot of fitting things together, removing unnecessary and duplicated text, and then writing an abstract, introduction and recommendations. I did most of the prep work before we went out for lunch, and finished the rest of it this afternoon and evening.

We had lunch at the pho place we usually eat at on Sundays, then went shopping at the supermarket next door. As we walked in to the market, A woman was walking out. She used to be my girlfriend, back in the late 1980s when I was in nursing school. I called her name and she looked up and smiled. I introduced her to Malida and we talked nursing stuff for a while. When I was in nursing school, her best friend was in my class, and she went into the program after us. I don't think I have seen her since those days. Interestingly, her name popped into my head a few weeks ago when I was on the nursing floor where she worked with my first wife for a while. It was good to see her.

work space

I napped for a while in the afternoon and dreamed about frozen yogurt. After I got up I dove into the paper, and worked on it until we took a second walk before the sun went down. It was warm out, and there were many, many people enjoying the park. Lots of barbecues. The park is well-designed for people to go out and use it, and they do.

We came home, and I went back to work on the paper. I finished and submitted it about 30 minutes ago, and now I am here writing this thing. I'm pretty tired.
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