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April 19--Lecture to the cats

Today was kind of different. I ended up walking in the morning, before it got too hot, and I lectured in the afternoon when it was hot. Unfortunately the air conditioning in our building isn't working, so it was like an oven in the classroom. The building is made of brick, so like a brick oven, I guess. There was a big fan in there last week, but somebody stole it, so we all baked.

It wasn't my usual class group. It was the students that will be coming to me next semester. I teach a couple of their courses, mostly because I like the 3rd semester teacher, who is also my mentor. The students are bright and attentive, and ask good questions that let me know they are thinking. And I get a little extra pay. I think about $50 for each hour.

I taught them about HIV today. It is one of my favorite lectures, mostly because I have been around to see it change from a death sentence accompanied by social isolation to a manageable chronic illness. I can remember being a fairly new nurse and having these guys just wasting away and dying, and their families wouldn't even come and see them. Or nurses who refused to take care of them. I talk about that in the lecture.

I walked across the street for some lunch before the lecture and came across another lovely rose bush, so I have a second day of red rose pictures, although this one is a bit different.

I had to lecture the cats today on the meaning of time. Every time they hear me doing something in the kitchen, they come running, thinking it is either time for cat treats that they get in the morning, or the wet food they get in the evening. I told to them that just because I am doing something in the kitchen, doesn't mean it is time for food. I patiently explained Pavlovian conditioning to them, but they just looked at me and meowed. So I gave them some food.

roses some more
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