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April 23--An afternoon in the park

We had some rain the other day, but today was just perfect. Temperatures still a bit cool, but mostly clear sky with some big white fluffy clouds.

I spent most of the day reading nursing theory in anticipation of a presentation I had to give to my professor last night on which theory would form the foundation for my project. Unlike most people, I love reading about nursing theorists. I remember when I was first exposed to nursing theory--it helped me make sense of what I did in a larger sense. I am thinking about working with the Hmong community here in Sacramento, so I am exploring theories that incorporate culture into caring.

Five years ago, when I was doing my Master's degree, I had to propose a community health project. My proposal addressed the high prevalence of diabetes among the Hmong Americans here in California. We didn't actually have to do anything with it--mostly an academic exercise. I dug it out yesterday and read my proposal. Surprisingly (or not, maybe) it is very similar to what I am working on now, only now I actually have to do it.

I made my presentation to the professor and we had a nice discussion. We all agree that she is the nicest and most supportive of the bunch. She understands what teaching is about. One more week and these classes are done, and then on to the next ones.

I spent a lot of time in the park today. I got up early and walked around collecting stuff that I need for Ingress, then went to a close by town to capture some enemy portals. I have been pretty close to getting up to the next level, and wanted to see if I could get there over the weekend.

There were a lot of people out, even early on. Lots of people were getting ready for big picnics and barbecues. I have mentioned previously that the park is really set up for people to use it. Lots of tables and bbq pits, places to play and so on. There is even a little wooden dock for the model yacht people to launch their boats from. They were having boat races today.

boat races

There is even a little wooden dock for the model yacht people to launch their boats from. They were having yacht races today. I watched for a while with the geese.

While I was sitting home eating lunch, some people from out of town came in and took over all the portals in the park. I was watching on a map, and it was cool to see how they methodically went from portal to portal, capturing, then linking. It was just what I was waiting for.

I went back over and started recapturing portals. It was tough, because they were above my level, and I used up all my stuff. I had to go around and collect more stuff, then tried again. Finally, I reached level 7, and got all sorts of higher level stuff, and managed to recapture the park. For the moment, anyway. It is back and forth, back and forth.


I stopped for a while to watch the kids play baseball. There are at least 10 baseball diamonds in the park, and someone's always using them. I am guessing these guys are about 8 or 9, but they were pretty good. Batters getting hits, pitchers getting strikes. It was fun to watch.

I walked 7 1/2 miles today. MY feet hurt. They are sore, but there is something else. I suspect I might have some arthritic changes or something. It's not enough to keep me from walking, but I will be paying more attention to it.

Tomorrow is hospital site visit and lots of homework. I am marinating a leg of lamb, though so looking forward to that.
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