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April 24--The day before my former sister-in-law's birthday

I went into the hospital again this morning to visit students. I get such good feedback on their progress from the nurses--it is great that they are doing so well. I am sure at least a few of them will get job offers. It's nice for the nursing units because preceptorship is kind of an extended job interview. They can see how the student works, and how well they get along with the staff. A good cultural fit is really important, and almost impossible to predict without seeing it in action.

After I left the hospital I walked around the midtown area where I used to spend a lot of time. I walked past the old Franciscan church where I used to go to daily Mass, and where I did some deacon work and volunteer stuff. It is still my favorite church. They accept everyone, and have a huge social justice ministry--they actually practice what they preach.

franciscan church

As I walked past, I heard music, and poked my head in to see that there was a Mass going on. I stood at the door for a while, then went in and leaned against the back wall. I hadn't been to a Mass since I was in France a couple of years ago, when I went to the daily Mass at the Chartres cathedral. I stayed until the end, but remain conflicted about religion in general, so probably won't be making a habit of it.

I worked on my project for a while this afternoon, mostly reading in anticipation of the presentation I have to make tomorrow.

lamb dinner

I had marinated a leg of lamb overnight, and cooked it on the grill this afternoon, along with some carrots and beets, and a pesto pasta for dinner. It was delicious. I have gotten good at preparing lamb.

While I was cooking, the cats meowed for their wet food but I ignored them because it wasn't time for dinner yet. So they went to plan b which is to stare at me until I relent.

cats staring

This will be a busy week, but it will be the last busy week of the semester, and I am well-prepared for it.
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