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May 4--The temperature's fine, but....

I opened my office this morning and was met with the most delightful coolness. It was about 72 degrees. I guess my email to the dean paid off. They actually fixed the air conditioning.

Once the air started flowing, so did water, and the classroom across from my office now has a saturated ceiling, and the tiles are falling to the ground. The maintenance guy, who just seems to delight in everything bad that happens in the building, noted that "It's like a waterbed up there!"


The dean came around later to see if my office was cool enough, and to take a look at the classroom. I mentioned to him that when it comes time to demolish the building, we won't have to hire a crew--the building will just collapse on its own.

I'll miss that building--it's where I went to nursing school, but I will be happy to have something new.

After I got off work, I played Ingress for a while. I drove down to the town below ours to attack some blue portals and create some links. Moments after I did, someone from the blue side came along and recaptured them. I went back and captured them again, but by then he had moved on to my town and captured a bunch of the portals I had been linking to. I followed and eventually recaptured them. It was actually a lot of fun, and at the end we chatted a bit. I love level 7. It is fun to figure out what it will take to take down an enemy portal, and whether I have enough stuff to do it, and if it is worth it.

I ended up walking about 16000 steps in the process. Now I am kind of sore.

While I was walking in the park, I saw a bunch of the guys who sail the model yachts. They were all lined up on the pier like a bunch of kids, playing with their boats.

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