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May 8--Festa Do Divino Espírito Santo

I tried to carry the think about nothing into today, but I had too much stuff to think about. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by how refreshed I felt after only two days off from thinking about stuff.

Malida went out shopping with her friend and friend's husband this morning. I begged off in favor of a long walk in the park. It was cloudy, but the rain was gone. It was a Sunday, so there was the anticipation of a lot of activity in the park, but very few actual people yet. Just the ones guarding picnic tables until everyone else arrived.

As I walked around the pond, I could see a bunch of dressed-up people taking pictures on the other side. I thought it was a wedding, but when I got to that side, I found that it was a bunch of young Portuguese girls, all dressed in fancy gowns and wearing tiaras.

I asked what was up. It is a Portuguese festival--the Feast of the Holy Ghost. There is a big Portuguese hall near the house. I remembered that there would be a parade nearby and that access to my neighborhood would be blocked for an hour. I'm glad I stopped to ask, because it accelerated my plans to go grocery shopping and be home before the street was closed.


I didn't get a picture of the girls, but I did get a picture of a crown. Looks like the real deal to me.

I did my grocery shopping for the week, and came home. I napped for a while until Malida came home, and then she showed me what she bought. I hate shopping (other than grocery shopping, which I could do all day), so I am glad that Malida's friend likes to go with her.

I made chicken and mushrooms for dinner. I first made it a few months ago and posted pics here. I thought about taking some more pictures, but really it would look the same. So here's an old picture of mushrooms:


After dinner I went into my office to plot out the summer semester for my doctoral program, which starts tomorrow morning with a phone call to my faculty advisor. She reminds me of my father, and not in a good way. Chew on that one for a while.

Now I am working on some final exam tutoring for my students for Tuesday. I opened up one of my colleague's slide sets to see what she is teaching, and some of the illustrations she uses are from the 1950s. Seriously. No wonder the students are so receptive to tutoring.

the icing on the cake this weekend is that Radiohead dropped a new album today. It is so good. I am on my third listen.

I first came across Radiohead about 11 years ago when I was in Toronto, at the halfway point of my drive across Canada and the US. Toronto was the only major city I spent any time in, and I really liked it. One night I went out wandering and came across a small record/cd store. I picked out two CDs--one was Radiohead and the other was Nick Drake. I took them to the counter and the guy picked up the Nick Drake album, Pink Moon, and said, "This album changed my life". Then he picked up the Radiohead album (The Bends) and said, "This album is gonna change yours". Maybe he was right.
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