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May 12--The triumphant return of My Left Foot

We had our final exam today and it went fine. Everyone passed the course. After scoring and posting the final grades, I gave my students their final course evaluations where I tell them they are going to make great nurses, and to remember to always do good. I still have one more week of filing, graduation and commencement, and moving out of the office, but the end is in sight. We found out today that the buildings we are supposed to move into have not been renovated yet, and so we may go elsewhere. I guess I'll show up on August 16 and see.

my left foot

Same room, different sign. Still subversive.

After work I drove out to a place where there are some blue portals. I was close to the next level and thought I could tip myself over. It worked out perfectly. I reached level 8 by taking over my favorite portal, "The Nowhere Anytime Washed Aground". It is out in the middle of nowhere, and there is nothing there. There used to be an abandoned boat by the side of the road, but it is long since gone.

Level 8 Portal

It was a very satisfying moment. By the time I got home, my blue nemesis had taken it back. So it goes.
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