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May 14--...why not tag an old mural?

I had lunch with a former student today. He is on his way out of town to take a nursing job down in Bakersfield, which is at the southern edge of the central valley of California, before heading over the mountains into LA. It sounds like it is a good opportunity for him, and I know he will do great. I like seeing my former students grow into real nurses. It is one of the best things about my job.

The place we had lunch was about two blocks from my old hospital. I used to walk all over that neighborhood. My first job in Sacramento was just down the street. I didn't have a car, so I either walked or rode my bike everywhere. It is a great way to learn a neighborhood.


Our friends came over this afternoon to look at the house down the street from ours. It was interesting. the same floor plan as mine, but they kind of completely reoriented the kitchen by about 90 degrees. Anyway, it wasn't for my friends, so they keep looking and I abandon hope to be able to walk down the street and swim in their pool.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I will have to start doing homework again. whee!
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