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May 16--two days left

Now that the hard deadlines are all gone, I'm having a hard time getting motivated to finish up at work. There is no joy in filing and packing up books and stuff, and that's pretty much what is left to do. the next two days are filled with ceremonies--pinning, commencement, the retirement reception for our director. There is no way I will get all my other stuff done before the end of the semester on the 18th. I will go in on the 19th and get it all done.

Once I got motivated, I sorted a bunch of stuff and threw things away. then I packed all the little things that inhabit my desk--Hello Kittys, Male Nurse Action Figure, Pokey, and some other friends. They all fit neatly into my Hello Kitty lunch box. I am well on my way to being an eccentric old professor. All I lack are bushy eyebrows, but I'm working on that.

kitty lunch
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