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May 17--It only takes two to make a murder of crows

Today was our students' pinning ceremony. This is where they are finally acknowledged as nurses, and receive the nursing pin for the school of nursing they attended. It's a great moment for the students. I have been to many of these ceremonies, some good, some not so good. This was among the best. There was a lot of genuine emotion throughout. It is often the first time we get to see the families and friends who have supported these graduates throughout what is a very rigorous program.


This was such a great class. They will do well.


My pin from when I graduated 27 years ago, when I was pinned by my mom. I wore it today on the lapel of the suit I hate wearing. But at least this suit fits better than the other suit I hate wearing. I wasn't built for suits. And it was 97 degrees today. I wasn't built for that either, but I tolerated both.

I have a student who is Hmong, and I got to meet his family. I already knew his brother, who was my student 9 years ago, but I also got to meet his dad, who brought his family to the US in 1979. I was curious where he was from. I knew they had originated in Laos, but had spent some time in Thailand before coming to the US. Turns out he was from just over the river from where Malida and I like to stay on the Mekong, about an hour from our house there. He was very pleased that I knew where it was, and that I had been there, and told me he wants to go back and see. I thought that was cool.

I got home about the same time as Malida, and we took a nap. While we were sleeping there was a power outage in the area, and both the internet and the phone service was out. It was strange to be so completely disconnected. I couldn't look up the numbers to call to report the outage, and even if I could, I had no phone service--neither landline or cell. We weren't sure what to do so we went out for a nice long walk, and when we got back everything was working again. It's easy to take all this connectedness for granted, but it can disappear so easily, and then all you have is the whole wide world around you.
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