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May 22--A day in Yosemite

We got up fairly early and drove into Yosemite. We got into the valley before a lot of people were there, and found a place to park in our favorite spot, near the loop trail. It was a lovely morning--clear with a few clouds, and not too cold. We decided to hike down to Yosemite Falls first.

The last time we were here there was almost no water in the falls, so it was great to see them full today. All the falls were bustin'out.


After we hung out at the falls for a while we went down to the lodge and had some breakfast in the food court. I still had about half my prime rib from last night's dinner (already sliced), so we got some eggs, potatoes, and toast, and I made sandwiches. It was a delicious breakfast. After breakfast I captured a portal (Yosemite Lodge Post Office) just to say I had been there, then we caught the shuttle to the south side of the valley to do some hiking.


It is great to see so much water flowing. This was along the Merced River on our drive in.

As we drove into the valley this morning, we could see quite a few trees that didn't survive the drought. Large swaths of brown. I'm not sure what they will do about these trees--It's going to be bad when the next fire comes. Hopefully we have some more years with plenty of rainfall.

mirror lake

We hiked up to mirror lake. The last time we were up here it was dry, and we were hiking around where the water is now.

By the time we got up there, the place was getting pretty crowded, so we hiked back on a minor trail that we had all to ourselves. That's one good thing about having been coming up here since I was a kid--I know how to avoid the crowds.

our spot

We sat here for a while and relaxed before hiking back to our car and heading home. Our own private half dome. It was a good day.
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