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May 23--Passion

I spent pretty much the whole dang day doing homework and catching up on assignments. I got up early, in a mood that was conducive to coursework, and completed the assignment that was due yesterday. After I submitted it, I went out for a walk in the park before coming back and working on the other ones. The good news is that I am caught up, and now have a little breathing room. There is no bad news at the moment.

Between doing assignments I did the normal Monday chores of washing the bed linens and taking out the trash for trash day. I took a second walk in the afternoon and managed to make my steps for the day. I think it helped that I pace a lot when I am writing. I get up from the chair and walk back and forth across the house a few times until my brain settles a bit. I got about 1500 steps out of that.

I have to go into my office tomorrow and finish cleaning out my stuff. I hate having to go in when I am officially off, but there's no choice, really. I also have to deal with our student placement issue. Not much choice in that either. In any case, my goal is to be DONE by the end of this week, so I can concentrate on all the stuff I have been putting off. No slacking off this summer--I have things to do. I even have a calendar! ha! And I was bored last summer because I had nothing to do.

When I was a kid, there as a passion flower vine along a fence near where I rode my bike. I would stop and look at the flowers that seemed to be from another world altogether. I'd keep looking until a bee came along and scared me off. At the time I thought I was allergic to bees.

I've always wanted a passion flower vine of my own, and now I have one. We bought one a couple of weeks ago at the nursery and planted it in a container in the back yard near a wooden shade trellis thing that has some carpenter bees living in it. It is now blooming and I can go out whenever I like and look at the flowers from another world altogether, and not care about the bees.

passion flower
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