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May 24--Portable 9

I went into the office today and finished packing all my stuff. I brought 6 boxes home with me, and left another 4 there to be moved to the new office in Portable 9, which is where they tell me I am going. The stuff I brought home is all stuff I would like to see again, and the stuff I left in boxes there can disappear forever and I would not miss it.

The IT guy told me that I would likely be getting a new computer, so I backed everything up onto a thumb drive. I took home my cool surge protector/battery backup thing--I can see that disappearing easily.


My desk is empty and I am out of there. When I got home today and unloaded the boxes, I really felt like the semester was finally over. There are still issues with clinical placements to be dealt with, but I can do that from here. I don't have to go back until the fall. What a relief.

temp 9

Temp 9 is where I am moving to. It is on the other side of campus. The nice thing about Temp 9 is the two people I currently share an office with will be in temp 8.

I really felt like summer break started today.
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