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May 26--A good day full of relax

I got up this morning when Malida left for work and had coffee with the cats. They don't drink coffee, but they do like to walk back and forth over and around me as I do. They are interesting critters.

The only thing I had on the calendar today was to meet my friends for lunch and give them their long overdue wedding pictures. We planned to meet downtown at the Tower Cafe, which is where the original Tower Records was. I drove down early and Ingressed for a bit in the neighborhood. When I first moved to Sacramento 32 years ago, I lived in that general area, so it is intimately familiar to me.


I waited for my friends, who were a bit late. Since I was a year and a half late giving them their wedding pictures, I called it even, lol. Actually I felt pretty bad about it, but they were happy to have them and very gracious about the wait. They told me they knew I had been busy and wanted to wait until summer to ask about them. They loved the pictures.

We had a wonderful lunch and visit. I worked with both of them for more than 20 years, and Ken and I were both the night supervisors in the ICU for years before I went to days to become the educator. I got all caught up on the doings in the ICU and what is new in critical care. We talked about what we accomplished back in the day, and how some of the ideas we brought to the table are now the standard of care. We talked for close to two hours. It was good to see them.

In the evening I played a couple of albums for my friends in Second Life and we chatted about whatever. One of my friends started talking about an old movie--Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. I think it was from the mid 70's. He was talking about a particular line in the film that he still remembers. Anyway, I decided I needed to see it so I watched it while I waited for Malida to come home from work this evening. I found a few of the characters so obnoxious that I had to fast forward through the first part of it, but the latter part was very good. Kris Kristofferson is in it, and he is probably the most sympathetic character. Anyway, I now have a reference for the quote my friend remembered.

Malida has the day off tomorrow, but needs to study for a chemotherapy certification she is pursuing for a new job opportunity. We will go to lunch at least, and take a walk before it gets to hot. I should probably study too, but I have the feeling I won't.
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