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May 28--More travels

I got up when Malida left for work so I could go out and walk around before it got too hot. It has been in the 90s here the past few days. I had some coffee, and was out the door by 8:30. It was a nice morning. I spent the first part of it walking around in the old town. I kept smelling bacon, but couldn't find the source.

I was working on a couple of layered fields that I had diagrammed out the night before. It's an Ingress thing. You connect portals in a certain sequence and you get more points. Anyway, I had something like 4 pages of notes about what I wanted to do.

It was a lovely morning to be walking around with purpose. I came across all sorts of people doing whatever it was they were doing. I saw interesting stuff.


There is a place in Old Town that is some sort of art installation. All sorts of plaster casts of things. It reminds me of the old terra cotta factory I once photographed. The gate is always open, but I can never find the guy who owns it. It is a cool place to wander around.

I finished my first fields fairly quickly, but ran into trouble with the second set. I had a portal that did not want to give up keys, and then threw a link in the wrong direction, which screwed it all up. I eventually fixed it, but I spent close to three hours fooling around. I did manage to get in all my steps for the day by noon, though, and spent the balance of the day relaxing.

I have homework due tomorrow, so will likely spend time on that instead of wandering around making imaginary links between points.
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