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May 29--angry cow

After a week of purposefully relaxing, I feel quite relaxed. It was a nice transition from the insanity of the end of the semester to now. I now feel ready to get on with the summer, after observing the holiday tomorrow.

I felt like I wasted last summer. I stayed up late, and got up late every day and really did not much of anything. I would sit in front of the computer and read stuff, and watch tv, and eat. I accomplished next to nothing, and felt more out of shape at the end of it than at any other time in my life.

The realization that I was bored was a big factor in applying for the doctoral program. Now I have that to keep me company over the summer, but I want to accomplish other things as well. I would like to be in much better physical shape at the end of the summer than I am now. I'm already getting there, with my walking every day, but I want to develop some good habits that I can carry over into the fall and the rest of my life.

Here's a partial list:
* Walk every day. Gradually increase the distance.
* Before the end of the summer, repeat the 12 mile Point Reyes hike I did 10 years ago.
* Get my bike fixed and start riding again.
* Take the cat in to get her fixed. We have one cat that has been spayed and one that hasn't been. She is an indoor cat and never goes out, but she does get pretty cranky every couple of months.
* Organize all my papers and articles so I can get through the next two years without having to dig through piles every time I need something.
* Make an appointment with the financial advisor to review our financial situation and plan for the future.
*Spend one day a week with the primary purpose of photography. With a real camera.
* In bed by midnight, up by 8 am.

I think that is a good start.

I went out walking this morning and discovered some local parks I had never visited before. The area where I live was once all farms. When I first moved to the area 30+ years ago, I used to ride my bike down here. It was all two-land roads and farmland. Now it's all houses and little parks named after the farms that used to be here.

the angry cow at machado park

Where this park sits used to be a big dairy farm. Most parks are named after farms, and that's about it, but this one actually carries a dairy farm theme, with a barn-shaped barbecue area, and this cow, who seems pretty unhappy. More than unhappy really. Incensed, maybe.

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