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May 31--The last days of May

Like yesterday, I went out early today to avoid the heat and walked for a couple of hours. Once it got too hot, I drove around looking at things. I found a water bottle in one of the cabinets, which is somewhat insulated, and I put some ice water in there and it stayed cold for hours. Very refreshing.

I ended up in the vicinity of the former Mather AFB, out east of where I live. The base was closed years ago during realignment, and is now mostly residential neighborhoods, an industrial airport where shipping companies such as UPS fly in and out of, and some park land. It first opened during WWI as a flight training school.

water tower

The old water tower from the AFB. I was in the Air Force, so always like to come across stuff like this.

Later, I headed up into the foothills to have some lunch in a restaurant that I had tried about 3 years ago and really liked. I took Malida up there about a year and a half ago, but the restaurant was closed on Tuesdays. I forgot about the closed on Tuesday thing, and it was closed again today, since it is Tuesday. I thought about wandering around the town, but it was already close to 100 degrees, so I drove back down and got some fish and chips, and ate at home in my nice air-conditioned home.

big boy

I came across this on the way home at a place that makes cast aluminum sculptures. It kind of made my day. I love wandering aimlessly.
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