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June 8--"You have a nice personality"

Malida and I were both off today so we got to spend the day together, which is fairly rare. We went out walking in the morning, then stopped for coffee and croissants at the Vietnamese coffee shop near the park. I have been going there for years. It's one of my favorite spots.

After the coffee we took our cars in to be serviced. We were able to get both of them done in a timely manner. After that we headed over to the west side of town. Malida is picking up an extra shift this weekend and needed to make sure she was able to log in at the clinic over there.

A guy came out in the afternoon to give an estimates on solar shades for some of our windows. There are two that get a lot of sun, the one in my office particularly, and it gets hot. We got the estimate, and it was reasonable, so we said ok.

It was a lovely evening, and we walked two circuits around the park. As I was tying my shoes, Malida told me she loved me, but not because I was handsome. "You're not", she added, "but you have a nice personality." Ok, then.

I loved the clouds this evening, and took a picture.


Tomorrow is more of the same, I expect.
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