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June 11--My Feet (still) hurt

Tonight is the end of the two-week Ingress walking challenge. I have already uploaded my statistics and I am done. The challenge was to walk as many Km playing Ingress as you could, in two weeks. I am fortunate that my daily walking circuit at the park is ringed with Ingress portals, so I just knocked out distance every time I walked. It was challenging, though. At the start, Malida and I were making once circuit of the park once or twice a day, and by the end we were making two in the morning and two in the evening. Holy cow--that's six miles a day. We both feel so much better, though, so it is totally worth it.

I ended up with 100 km for the challenge. Not sure how that matches up with the other participants. We are all meeting for breakfast tomorrow, and I will find out. I actually had 99, but went out and walked at 9 pm and got the last km, just because I like things neat.

There was all sorts of stuff going on in the park today. big picnics, lots of bouncy house things, and a big car show of vintage cars. After my second loop. I wandered through to take a look. A lot of the cars are tricked out, but a few are pretty much as they would have been when they were new.

Bel Air

This is a late 50's Bel Air wagon. This is what I drive when I travel back in time to the late 50s in a recurring dream. I park it at the gas station across the creek from my grandfather's house, where, in the dream, I rent the downstairs apartment from him. I had never seen one up close, but have a small scale model of one sitting here next to my computer.

In the early afternoon I met up with some Ingress people for a farming party. A farming party is where you find some portals and adjust them so they give you lots of stuff you need to play the game. I had met a few of the people previously, but most were people I had only seen represented on the phone screen. It was an interesting mix. Mostly men, though there were 3 women, including the one who set it up. Mostly young, but one guy my age, and one older than me. It was fun.

One of the younger guys, who I had already met, was setting up a big layered field. I had offered to help, and was going to throw links from one of the anchors. It was pretty cool, because pretty much everyone participated. I was pretty anxious, though, because I could very easily screw it up.

I drove out to my spot, which was a long way where the other guy was, and out in the middle of nowhere. The road was actually closed due to construction, but I was able to get around that and go to where I was supposed to be.


This was my spot. A portal out in the middle of nowhere. I got there and we communicated by video chat to coordinate our efforts. Every thing is timed out to the minute. I know that if you don't play Ingress, I have lost you here, and I apologize.

I got the word to start throwing links, but was blocked. Someone back in the city cleared the blocks and I was good to go. I started linking to portals miles and miles away, and my counterpart on the other side did the same. We ended up creating a bunch of overlapping fields, that got us (and our team) big points.

At one point there was a critical link I needed to make, and I couldn't. I had the wrong key. I stayed calm and looked through my stuff and found the right key and made the link. It was kind of being like a critical care nurse--needing to be creative under pressure. It was pretty awesome.


That big green thing is what we created. I was out at the northeastern point, up by the + sign. The long straight line represents 68 km. It is small, compared to some other fields, but it was the first time I had worked in a team to create a field, and it felt great.
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