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June 15--Kabobs

I went out walking this morning without Malida. She has been working an extra 12+ hour shift every week to make up for my not having an income over the summer, and she was pretty tired. So I went out and walked 3 miles and came home and took her to lunch.

We went to the Afghan place near our house. The food is delicious. I had the kabobs and she had a gyro. We had some baklava for dessert, and bought a big hunk of Naan bread to take home with us.

I thought a bit about the people who run the place, and what they might make of Donald Trump. I don't want to make this a political post. I just wondered what it must be like to be the object of derision by the presumptive nominee for president of the country you live and work in.

Someone I have known for more than 30 years just posted on Facebook that he supports Trump for president, and that Trump would be "a million times better" than "this lying, treasonous bitch" (Clinton). I just don't get it (beyond the inflammatory rhetoric that is so common now). Ignoring the note on top of my computer that reads, "Don't argue with the internet", I posted a comment that said, "No, I don't get it. Explain why Trump would be better."

I get that there are people that are unhappy,frustrated, and feel like they don't have a voice, but I really wonder what they think Trump is going to do for them. Do they really think he is going to be able to govern this country?

Ok, end of political rant.

model car

The model car that represents the car in my recurring dream.
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