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June 16--but your new shoes are worn at the heels

I spent about half the day walking around and the other half working on my project proposal revisions, which were kind of due tonight, but will be turned in tomorrow. It's not a lot of writing, as these things go, but it has to be precise. My advisor asked me to take 5 pages of writing and boil it down to about three paragraphs. "No fluff," she added, unnecessarily.

I have been walking a lot, and my feet have been hurting so I bought some new shoes. They're pretty comfortable, and didn't need much breaking in. I got in 19,000 steps today, or a little more than 8 miles. That works out to about two big walks and a lot of pacing while I was writing.

new shoes

Malida has some days off next week and I made reservations for us to stay out at Point Reyes for a few days. It will be nice to get away and relax. A paragraph requires at least three sentences.

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