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June 2--Punta Reyes

We spent the past few days at Point Reyes National Seashore, one of our favorite places. It is a lovely spot, and a place I have been going to since I was a kid. Kind of a touchstone for me.

We stayed in the town of Olema, which is a board over the creek away from the park. There was no phone and no internet, which was at first disconcerting, but became refreshing in time. Our room opened up onto a wide lawn and garden with lots of adirondack chairs facing west toward the afternoon sun. We sat out there in the early evening and read our books. That's what you do when there is no internet.

The weather was perfect--early morning fog which burned off into beautiful days. We hiked both days we were there. The first day we stopped for sandwiches in the town of Inverness and hiked out to the coast. We had our lunch on a mostly deserted beach looking out at the ocean. The hike back was uphill almost all the way, but it was pretty, so we didn't mind.

Today we hiked up a hill to the old Coast Guard cemetery. It is in a stand of trees, and has lovely views in all directions.

Drake's Estero

Drake's Estero, looking out toward Drake's Bay. It is presumed that Sir Francis Drake landed here in 1579 to repair his ship after failing to find the Northwest Passage.

cypress tunnel

The cypress tree tunnel, leading to the old RCA/Marconi telegraph station, where they would send out messages to the ships at sea. One of the old buildings is used by National Park Service gardeners.


Two explorers resting on the way back from the coast.
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