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June 24--In my recurring dream

In my recurring dream,it is around 1957 or 1958. I'm not sure. Sometimes it is later--1960. I already told you about the car I drive. A mid-50's Bel-Air Wagon, which I bought used. I keep it parked behind a service station next to a creek. The service station is on Sir Francis Drake Blvd, which runs through Marin County and out to the coast.


There is a bridge over the creek. On the other side of the bridge are houses. In my dream, I rent the downstairs apartment in the third house up from the bridge. It is my grandfather's house, and I rent it from him. In the dream he is in his mid 50s, a little younger than I am now. It is only him in the dream--I never see my grandmother, although she is there somewhere. I never see the younger version of me either. I would be about one or two years old. In the dream I am aware that there is a baby me out there somewhere, and that baby me comes to visit sometimes. I'm usually somewhere else when that happens, I guess.

In my dream I am in my early 30s. I tell my grandfather I am a photographer on assignment from some magazine back east, taking pictures that will be for a story about Northern California. I have a couple of cameras and take pictures in the dream. Sometimes I try to figure out how to get the pictures back to 2016 where I am from. I haven't quite figured that out yet. Did I mention I am a time traveler in the dream?

I have a different name in the dream--Danny O'Connell. It is a mash-up of a couple of fake names I have used over the years for things like making restaurant reservations and things like that. Everyone has a couple fake names, right?

I have been having versions of this dream for years and years. Having the car is a fairly recent development. Now I can drive around in the dream. Mostly I drive to places I have been in real life, to see what they looked like in the 1950s. I drove across the country once. I have thought about flying to Europe to see the Beatles in some club before they become famous. I'll be sure to take pictures.


My grandparents' house. I know why it is in my recurring dream. When I was growing up, it was the place I felt most at home. I still have a key to the downstairs door (although I am sure the people who live there now have changed the locks). It still feels like the place I grew up.
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