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June 25--seven years

I went out early today to plan out an Ingress field. I wanted to practice on a small scale so I could start to figure out larger fields down the line. I spent a couple hours yesterday clearing potential blocks and stuff like that.

It was a straightforward field--right up the main street of our town. I have made layered fields before, but generally only three or four layers. This one would be 9 or 10 layers.

I got up early and walked up and down the street collecting portal keys. You need a key to link to the portal, and two keys if you want to make a field. It was a nice morning, and I took time to look around at the scenery.

I had a phone conference with my fellow doctoral students at 8 am, so got home in time for that. We are all progressing in our projects, and chatted about them and stuff unrelated to school. I am glad we have bonded as a group and can use each other for support.


Something I came across as I was walking through town.

In Ingress, there are these checkpoints throughout the day where scores are tallied, so if you are going to do something, you do it right before a checkpoint. The checkpoint I was aiming for was at 10 am. I ran into a couple of snags, but figured them out and was able to make my field before the checkpoint. Then I took it down and did it again.


It stayed up until just before the next checkpoint at 3 pm, when my nemeses from the south came up and took it down.

After all that I read a book for a while.
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