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June 29--a low-level hum

I was sitting under a tree today reading, while waiting for some time to pass. It was a nice day for sitting under a tree. It has been hot here--in the 100s, but today was a bit cooler. Maybe just about 100. Not to hot to enjoy being outside.

As I sat there, I kind of heard or felt a sort of low level hum, as if there was an electrical current running just under me. Eventually I looked up, and realized the tree I was sitting under was full of bees. Hundreds of them. There were these long things coming off the tree that must have contained some sort of pollen. I managed not to freak out, took a not too good picture, and decided I didn't want to sit under the tree anymore.

bee tree

I spoke with my doctoral advisor this morning and we agreed on a sort of minor course correction for my project. She thinks it will be easier to get approved, and I agreed. So I have a few days of writing revision ahead of me, but It seems manageable. She reminded me that there are only three more weeks in the semester, and then a month off. yay!
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