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July 6--Right on time

I had to go to a meeting this morning, and on the way back stopped into my office for a few minutes to reserve a room for the fall. The assistant program director was there and told me they hired a new program director to replace the one that retired. The new one sounds good. It will be a welcome change.

On my way out I stopped in to say hi to the Dean. We ended up talking for more than an hour about all sorts of things, including the future of nursing education. He is a good guy, and willing to listen. He was an attorney at one time, who ended up teaching science classes. So we talked about nursing and where it is going, and what we need to do to train the next generation of nurses. I expressed some concerns and we talked about them too. I learned a bit about how community colleges operate, and the internal politics that seem to drive everything.

It will be interesting to see where the department goes under a new director. I am hopeful.

This afternoon I did some project work for a while. Whatever was causing me to be anxious yesterday passed, and I am back on track. I got two big parts of my proposal back and graded from my advisor, with full points, which is a good thing. Even though I had some doubts at the beginning, she has been very easy to work with, and I am grateful for that.

The heat seems to have dissipated somewhat, and we went out for a walk in the early evening along the creek trail. At one point, the trail passes under a train trestle, and trains come by fairly often. The trestle is made of big wooden beams. I like to be right under the trestle when the trains pass overhead, but it freaks Malida out, so we usually end up a few yards back if a train is coming by.

Union Pacific
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